Does it feel like a struggle to eat the right foods or know what to believe when it comes to diet and nutrition? With all the fad diets, and nutrition myths out there, it's no wonder people have a hard time getting in shape. Talk about misinformation overload!

Between the time spent trying to differentiate accurate information from flat out lies, most people are left shrugging their shoulders, feeling paralyzed, trapping them in downward spiral of poor eating patterns and the inevitable weight gain that comes with it.

But as it turns out, there’s a fairly straightforward way out of this cycle... It’s called Coaching.

At True Conditioning we stand behind Precision Nutrition's habit based coaching model and believe if you want to take control of your nutrition and lead a life of health and vitality, then there is no "best diet" to follow.  Instead, we encourage our clients to drop the diet mind frame and educated them on how to make healthy choices and develop lasting habits to optimize the way they look and feel for life. 

So whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your overall health and well-being, at True Conditioning we can help you achieve your goals through individualized coaching, program design and step by step habit based education using Precision Nutrition’s world-class nutrition coaching software and curriculum, Pro Coach.


What Is Pro Coach?

Pro Coach is a proven Nutrition Coaching program based on scientific research around habit based coaching. Led in practice with one of our Certified Precision Nutrition Coaches, this 12-month online program is designed to guide you towards your goals with sustainable lifestyle & nutrition habits that lead to permanent change.

Pro Coach, together with our expert guidance, personal & professional experience, and passion for empowering others, will allow you to create your own unique personal lifestyle & nutrition plan. We will help your address and overcome your biggest challenges that have held you back from reaching your goals. No more fad diets, gimmicks, or being "on" or "off" a diet...This is your program, your way. This is your opportunity to finally take control over your lifestyle & nutrition, once and for all.

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How Does Pro Coach Work?

  • Pro Coach is a 12 Month habit-based Online Coaching program, powered by Precision Nutrition.

  • Through PN’s 12 month long habit based curriculum you will learn how to optimize your health, body composition, and performance, with your own personal PN Certified coach, always available to help you stay on track and be accountable for your progress.

  • Pro Coach delivers daily skill-building lessons & practices, and new habits bi-weekly, straight to your inbox.

  • Pro Coach offers different programs for both men and women of any age or fitness level.

  • Pro Coach delivers a custom eating guide which includes: Custom portion control & workout nutrition guide based on your exercise preferences and goals; grocery shopping & meal prep guide; additional section with tips for success.

  • Pro Coach takes just 15 - 20 minutes out of your busy day, with reading or listening to your daily practice, and small, daily assignments that continually bring you closer to your goals.

  • Pro Coach costs just $129/month, or $1450 for the full year if paid up front.

  • Pro Coach is suitable for any individual with a strong desire for creating permanent, long-lasting lifestyle change.

What Do I Get When I Sign Up For Pro Coach?

  1. Daily habits and lessons. Content is available on-line so you can access it anywhere, anytime. You'll receive full year of habit building techniques and tools that will transform you from the inside out

  2. Four face-to-face meetings with your coach

  3. Accountability. Your coach won't let you slack off, shove things under the rug, or ignore the issues. Your growth and progression is our number one priority, and we're going to nudge you as much or as little as you need along the way.

  4. Support. You may access your coach anytime via email for any questions, issues, comments, or celebrations as they happen on your journey.

  5. Community. A private Facebook group for True Conditioning nutrition clients to share recipes, acknowledge each other's accomplishments, troubleshoot challenges, ask questions, or share knowledge.

So What Are You Waiting For?

At the cost of less than $4 a day, you can be on your way to radically changing your nutrition, lifestyle and overall health!

If 12 months seems like a long time to commit to a nutrition program, ask yourself where you want to be a year from now, because you could be in the best shape of your life!