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Sophie Manfredi

Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach & TRX Qualified Group Fitness Instructor

Former Lululemon Ambassador, Competitive Olympic Weightlifter, Nutrition Coach and overall sweat junkie, Sophie is on the pursuit to live a regret free life. With a background in competitive sports, including swimming and varsity rowing, Sophie loves to push her limits by taking on new challenges and hopes to inspire others to make exercise something they love to do.

Sophie was inspired to become a personal trainer after joining the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Contest – a competition to redefine the female athlete.  She declared to help ten women step outside their comfort zone in pursuit of a fitness goal, After documenting one of the most inspirational stories Sophie was selected as a Motivational Champion out of 14,000 women and was sent to Camp Sweat in Florida to train with nine other women at the IMG Academy.

After returning from Camp Sweat, Sophie founded True Conditioning based on her mission to empower women through fitness and health. Sophie believes all women should feel comfortable and confident in their body, and hopes to inspire others to step outside their comfort zone, so they may uncover their true fitness potential. 

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Pilar Bradshaw

Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach & TRX Qualified Group Fitness Instructor

Since a young age, Pilar has been involved in sports and athletics, including soccer, field hockey and more recently, running marathons. But it wasn’t until she started participating in bootcamp style group classes that she discovered her true passion and started taking her fitness to new levels. Pilar went back to school to become a CFES certified weight and personal trainer and loves helping others set and achieve their goals of living a balanced, healthy and fit lifestyle.

Pilar has continued adding to her education and experience, participating in Tough Mudder, becoming certified in training Tactical Athletes, Training For Warriors and has even completed the POPAT (Police Officer Physical Abilities Test).

When Pilar is not studying or taking her enthusiastic participants through high intensity workouts, she spends her time with her energetic young boys who keep her on her toes and continuously show her how to enjoy life to the fullest!

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Tara Budden

Certified Personal Trainer

Tara has always lived a very active lifestyle, growing up in a hockey family and playing high level hockey herself. Introduced to high performance team training at a young age sparked Tara’s love of group fitness, where coaches and teammates both supported and challenged her to excel. 

Starting as a client at True Conditioning over 2 years ago, Tara was looking to build muscle definition and strength. From the start, she fell in love with the fun atmosphere of community and the professionalism of the trainers – so much so that she decided to become a personal trainer herself. After completing her ACE certification, Tara joined the True Conditioning team where she is happily teaching classes and training one-on-one with clients in her own style of tough love.

Whether it’s training for sports, injury recovery, or to be strong and functional for everyday life, Tara is passionate about connecting with her clients, understanding their personal goals and using the power of fitness and nutrition to help them achieve those goals. In her spare time, Tara can be found walking her three doggies around town, hiking local trails, eating sushi or curled up with a good show… and her doggies. 

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Jasmin Wolf

Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Group Fitness Instructor

Former high calibre competitive dancer and provincial volleyball player, Jasmin has always had a love and passion for movement and sports. She coached her highschool dance team as well as danced through her Academy from the ages of 3-18. After graduating from her academy, from 2006-2009, Jasmin co-created a successful hip hop company that performed all over the West Coast including The United States. During this time, she also danced with 3 hip hop companies, including a salsa company for many years.

Jasmin is always up for adding a little extra spice to her life. She made the choice to leave dance to go back to school for both Script Supervising and Special Makeup Effect. Having a successful career in Film, she found it wasn’t where her passion truly lies and felt the need to go out into the world to explore more of it. She spent 3 months backpacking through 5 countries in South America. Hiking up the back mountains in Argentina, Torres del Paine in Chile, to spending time watching glaciers and visiting the salt flats in Bolivia. Eventually making her way back home.

When she got back into fitness, she found True Conditioning through a friend and fell madly in love. She felt as though she was in the right place at the right time. Always knowing that she was and still is a massive cheerleader in helping and motivating people to be the best they can be, she knew that it was her calling to become a Personal Trainer.

After completing her  NASM  Personal Training Certificate, Jasmin is looking forward to working with individuals to achieve their personal health, wellness and fitness goals.
Jasmin is an advocate for mental health and intends to work hard to help keep your mind strong, even through the toughest of times. She leads with love and compassion.
When Jasmin is not training, you can find her either hiking in the mountains or at the beach with her pup. Nothing beats a good beach day with your pup!

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Jess Tang

Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Group Fitness Instructor

Jess Tang is an experienced coach, passionate mentor and engaging speaker. She lives to cheerlead and enable others to set and achieve big, hairy and audacious goals. After growing up competing in sports, including wrestling, she eventually found herself exploring and falling in love with group fitness classes for the challenge and community. 

She is a wrestling coach for a competitive and elite youth wrestling academy and has coached multiple national champions and Canadian world team members. Mental training, mental performance and building resilience through positive mental health are all areas that Jess focuses on with her athletes and hopes to bring this into her work with clients to help them find breakthroughs and unlock their best selves. Jess has been a TEDx Speaker and has over 8 years experience in designing, leading and facilitating leadership and personal development programming for youth and professionals across the country. 

Jess’s mission is to help individuals discover their inner athlete and be able to take what they learn in the gym and apply it to all aspects of their life, so they can feel more connected, resilient and empowered. She believes everyone deserves to know what it feels like to have someone in their corner and she wants to help them discover tools to unlock their peak performance – physically, mentally and emotionally. 

When not at the gym, find Jess speaking on stage, mentoring students, listening to Shawn Mendes on repeat, or re-reading Harry Potter for the 18th time.  

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Katrina Eden

Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach

Katrina’s passion for fitness began in the gym and built outward to hiking, running and a simple desire to keep moving!  As a girl who lacked the coordination to play sports, Katrina has spent her fitness career learning to utilize specific movement patterns and lifts to gain better spatial awareness and overall stability. Whether your goals are health, correctional or aesthetically driven, Katrina is well equipped with skills to make your journey seamless. She believes in teamwork and can be counted on to be there to support you throughout the process and always available for guidance and direction.

Having used fitness as a tool to better her mental and physical well-being, she is eager to help her clients along the path to health – in every aspect.

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Kate Balen

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Former competitive swimmer, tuned powerlifter and Olympic Weightlifter, Kate has a passion for weightlifting, nutrition and exercise. She recently completed her Personal Training certificate and her Nutrition Coaching certification. With the goal to continue her education in fitness Kate has joined True Conditioning to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle by finding a style of training they love.

After becoming more competitive in olympic weightlifting, Kate decided to make a change in her nutrition and worked with True Conditioning to lose over 20 lbs in order to qualify for the 75kg weight class where she then went on to qualify for Provincials. She is excited to share her new found knowledge and experience with others in order to help women find a healthy balance with food and feel comfortable in their body.
When Kate is not training, or sneaking in additional squats with her equally as strong boyfriend and trainer Andy, she can be found at Tacofino, hiking one of Vancouver’s many beautiful mountains, trying new recipes, or doing her best to not to think about donuts.

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Erica Williams

Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Instructor

Erica was a jack of all sports trades growing up playing softball, ice hockey, swimming competitively, skiing and competition cheerleading at a Collegiate level. Fitness and sports have always been a huge part of her life, and she attributes many of her achievements as a person to the positive attitudes and esteem building that team sports gave her. As an adult she was constantly seeking something that would replace that team environment she missed so much, and  nothing ever had the same team bond until she found True Conditioning.

Almost 1 year after her first TRX class, she decided she wanted to motivate others the same way that she had been motivated by the TC team, and wanted to join the True Conditioning coaching squad. Erica wanted to contribute at a leadership level, and to be a part of what makes this gym so inclusive and welcoming. Her goal is to share her love of sport and being active, and help others see the benefits and overall life improvement that comes with it; a mentality that you ALWAYS have more potential to reach, and that continuous achievement is supported through the help of your teammates. Erica wants everyone to feel like they are a part of the team, whether it’s your 1st day or 500th day in your fitness journey.

Erica is the true definition of a sports fan- you can usually find her in various jerseys on game days, rooting for the Seahawks or the Montreal Canadiens (sorry Canucks fans!). If there is snow on the ground and she has a day off, you will find her up a mountain or in the woods! The mountains are her happy place – she was thrown on to a pair of skis at age 4, and never looked back!

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Ashley Blyth

Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Instructor

Fitness has been one of Ashley’s greatest passions since a young age. Always being involved in numerous sports teams as a child and as a teenager. Ashley grew up playing soccer for 11 years, and eventually grew a deeper passion for group fitness and helping others change their lives. Ashley strongly believes that health and fitness is a fundamental part of living and she strives to achieving that every client of hers reach their health and fitness goals and develop the same kind of mindset as her.  

Starting as a client about 4 years ago, Ashley was referred by a friend and has been involved ever since. She fell in love with the community atmosphere and appreciated how all the personal trainers made her feel. She was always motivated to come back after the years and eventually brought her mother in as a client as well. Ashley has recently decided to take her Personal Training Certificate because she wanted to be part of such an amazing team. She is excited to jump on board and start teaching and motivating other individuals the importance of health and fitness and is ready for a lifelong journey of coaching.  

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Esther Colon

Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Instructor

Physical activity always played a big role in Esther’s life. Born and raised in Montreal, but adopted by Richmond, Esther desires to make fitness simple, fun, accessible and effective.

Esther is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with ACE. She also holds two certifications for pre and postnatal fitness. One of her core beliefs is that women need to have the support they deserve when it comes to dealing with prenatal and postnatal care, no matter where they are on their journey. Being a new mama herself, she understands the various challenges the postnatal population faces and aims to make moms comfortable in a gym environment.

Although she has always been into fitness, diving into structured training really made the difference for her. By training to get stronger she felt healthier mentally and physically. She was feeling much more energized. Her hope is that everybody gets a chance to find health through movement and she aims to encourage as many people as possible to do so. She is looking to participate in a fitness community of like-minded people and strive to provide help and support to all who need it.

Esther is always looking to try new ways to get moving, whether it is kickboxing, pole fitness or crossfit, she is always open and curious. You can find her on any given day with her daughter, husband and her dog Denzel on a Richmond trail near you!

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Mercedes Sanchez-Garcia

Certified Yoga and TRX Group Fitness Instructor

Mercedes has been active in the Health and Fitness field for over 20 years. ⁠

She obtained her Fitness Instructor Certification in Spain (where she was born and raised) and has a University Degree in French and Spanish Studies. As a wife and mother of two she also runs her own Interior Design business.⁠

She has lived in 5 different countries where she has studied different teaching practices including Dance, Fitness, Yoga, Joga, Pilates, TRX, and more.⁠

Mercedes is passionate about teaching, and strives to empower others through breath and movement. She prides herself on giving clear instruction and her ability to adapt her classes to all fitness levels while making them fun and relaxing. ⁠

While she makes classes accessible to everyone, she also encourages her students to step out of their comfort zone to challenge themselves in strength building postures and poses.⁠

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