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Sophie Manfredi

Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach & TRX Qualified Group Fitness Instructor

Former Lululemon Ambassador, Competitive Olympic Weightlifter, Nutrition Coach and overall sweat junkie, Sophie is on the pursuit to live a regret free life. With a background in competitive sports, including swimming and varsity rowing, Sophie loves to push her limits by taking on new challenges and hopes to inspire others to make exercise something they love to do.

Sophie was inspired to become a personal trainer after joining the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Contest – a competition to redefine the female athlete.  She declared to help ten women step outside their comfort zone in pursuit of a fitness goal, After documenting one of the most inspirational stories Sophie was selected as a Motivational Champion out of 14,000 women and was sent to Camp Sweat in Florida to train with nine other women at the IMG Academy.

After returning from Camp Sweat, Sophie founded True Conditioning based on her mission to empower women through fitness and health. Sophie believes all women should feel comfortable and confident in their body, and hopes to inspire others to step outside their comfort zone, so they may uncover their true fitness potential. 

Natalia Rabin

Certified Booty Barre and Pilates Instructor

As a mother, Pilates instructor and full time Logistic Manager, Natalia understands first hand, the stress in balancing work, family, and her personal health and wellness. It was this struggle that inspired Natalia to try Pilates as a way to re-energize after her body and mind after long hours of sitting at work. After attending her first Pilates class, Natalia immediately loved the way it made her body feel, and how it improved her posture, balance, core strength, and joint health.

Natalia went on to complete her Pilates Training with Balanced Body University, in order to teach and share her passion of pilates and barre with the others. She strongly believes in the connection between physical flexibility and mental flexibility and for her, nothing helps to develop focus and endurance in business better than whole-body, balanced strength training.

Natalia recently found TRX Training and discovered the similarities between Suspension Training and the Pilates Method. Just as Pilates helps to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body, TRX Training teaches the same principles of control, concentration, and precision. After experimenting with the two, Natalia is excited to bring both methods together in a new fusion TRX Pilates class. Along with Barre, Natalia’s goal is to help each individual client develop and discover their true fitness potential by strengthening both the body and mind. She is equally excited share her passion with the True Conditioning community in order to help people discover what pilates can do for them.

Pilar Bradshaw

Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach & TRX Qualified Group Fitness Instructor

Since a young age, Pilar has been involved in sports and athletics, including soccer, field hockey and more recently, running marathons. But it wasn’t until she started participating in bootcamp style group classes that she discovered her true passion and started taking her fitness to new levels. Pilar went back to school to become a CFES certified weight and personal trainer and loves helping others set and achieve their goals of living a balanced, healthy and fit lifestyle.

Pilar has continued adding to her education and experience, participating in Tough Mudder, becoming certified in training Tactical Athletes, Training For Warriors and has even completed the POPAT (Police Officer Physical Abilities Test).

When Pilar is not studying or taking her enthusiastic participants through high intensity workouts, she spends her time with her energetic young boys who keep her on her toes and continuously show her how to enjoy life to the fullest!

Kate Balen

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Former competitive swimmer, tuned powerlifter and Olympic Weightlifter, Kate has a passion for weightlifting, nutrition and exercise. She recently completed her Personal Training certificate and her Nutrition Coaching certification. With the goal to continue her education in fitness Kate has joined True Conditioning to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle by finding a style of training they love.

After becoming more competitive in olympic weightlifting, Kate decided to make a change in her nutrition and worked with True Conditioning to lose over 20 lbs in order to qualify for the 75kg weight class where she then went on to qualify for Provincials. She is excited to share her new found knowledge and experience with others in order to help women find a healthy balance with food and feel comfortable in their body.
When Kate is not training, or sneaking in additional squats with her equally as strong boyfriend and trainer Andy, she can be found at Tacofino, hiking one of Vancouver’s many beautiful mountains, trying new recipes, or doing her best to not to think about donuts.

Karina Lannard

Certified Personal Trainer

Former elite level hockey player and gymnast turned personal trainer, Karina has a history of pushing through challenges to reach momentous goals. Karina is on a mission to always remain the resilient athlete she grew to be over many disciplined years, however this time with bounds more joy and less rigidity in the mix.

Karina was inspired to be a personal trainer by realizing the magnitude of growth her personal trainer helped her achieve. Through her personal training experience, she was able to truly thrive through those competitive years. 

Karina’s passion for fitness grew to be a centerpiece in her life as she learned the plethora of gifts fitness has to offer. She believes fitness is a lifestyle that grows confidence like no other, and because of that, she loves to share her passion of fitness to help educate and empower women. Karina aims to help people cultivate their own love for fitness, while helping every step of the way to reach important goals.

Tara Budden

Certified Personal Trainer

Tara has always lived a very active lifestyle, growing up in a hockey family and playing high level hockey herself. Introduced to high performance team training at a young age sparked Tara’s love of group fitness, where coaches and teammates both supported and challenged her to excel. 

Starting as a client at True Conditioning over 2 years ago, Tara was looking to build muscle definition and strength. From the start, she fell in love with the fun atmosphere of community and the professionalism of the trainers – so much so that she decided to become a personal trainer herself. After completing her ACE certification, Tara joined the True Conditioning team where she is happily teaching classes and training one-on-one with clients in her own style of tough love.

Whether it’s training for sports, injury recovery, or to be strong and functional for everyday life, Tara is passionate about connecting with her clients, understanding their personal goals and using the power of fitness and nutrition to help them achieve those goals. In her spare time, Tara can be found walking her three doggies around town, hiking local trails, eating sushi or curled up with a good show… and her doggies. 

Kelly Mostat

Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach

Kelly found her passion for fitness after going through her own personal transformation journey.  After she saw the confidence and change in herself, she decided she wanted to help other people reach their goals and become the best version of themselves.  She went back to the books and became a CFES Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Life Coach.  Kelly has also done further learning with Kettlebells and TRX. Kelly enjoys encouraging people to believe in themselves to help them reach their goals.  When Kelly is not at work or the gym, she is busy wrangling her two young boys. 

Louis Sargeant

Boxing Instructor

I was born in Georgetown, Guyana and lived there until the age of 11 then moved to Calgary. I was always active in sports, but it wasn’t until I discovered my heroes Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan that I entered the martial arts world in which I excelled. I was offered a wrestling scholarship at the University of Calgary and coached track & field at 2 Calgary high schools over the course of 3 years. I entered the professional boxing arena in 1999, skipping the amateur scene. I am a self-made fighter, having managed my training, career choices and promotion right from the start. 

In addition to being a fitness trainer I am a real estate specialist and certified negotiation specialist. 

When it comes to group fitness and boxing, I have developed an effective exercise program built around proven exercises and healthy eating. Each 1 hour class challenges students in a fun, supportive atmosphere. I train alongside you, teaching you proper form for every exercise. My way is to have fun with my students, and clients and to encourage by example.

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