Refer a Friend and WIN! - True Conditioning

Refer a Friend and WIN!

Fitness is better with friends.

Here at True Conditioning, we believe in community more than anything. And after all, isn’t working out more fun when you have friends around to support you? So, we’ve created a referral program where you can help us build the community we thrive in AND get rewarded.

Refer 10 Friends

Want a Lululemon outfit? Refer 10 friends, and receive one!

We will give you a referral punch card upon referring your first friend, so you can keep track! Once complete, give back the complete card to True Conditioning, and voila. Lulu gear is yours. 

How it works

Refer a friend to True Conditioning or True Physio + Pilates and get the choice between..

The Details

Your friend must sign up for one of the following:

  • 3-months* of Group Fitness with True Conditioning
  • Book a Physio/Massage with True Physio + Pilates**

* To receive True Conditioning credit, friend must sign up for the Goal Getter, The Die Hard, or Any Unlimited Membership

** To receive True Physio + Pilates credit, friend must book an appointment with the clinic

Email once your friend has signed up!