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The Sunday Ritual


The Sunday Ritual

March 1, 2022

Written by: True Conditioning


If you ask any physically fit person in your life what their secret to success is, they’ll most likely answer with the word habit or making their health a priority. In other words they attribute their consistency to rituals in terms of what they eat, to when they work out. 

The key to your success in this challenge is to prepare your meals in advance. The old saying ‘if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail’ has never rang so true when it comes to your nutrition and getting results. A strong, fit healthy body doesn’t happen by mistake, so ensure that you are adequately planned and prepared. 

Delegating an hour (4%) of your day, morning or evening, to ensure that you are eating right 100% of the time makes sense don’t you think? 

Being time-poor can’t be an excuse when it comes to your health. Taking five minutes to boil some eggs and chop some veggies will ensure that you have a proper breakfast to start your day with good nutrition. 

So how do you set yourself up?

Simple. Set aside a bit of time on Sunday — or any other day that works for you — to plan, prepare, and be proactive.

Your “Sunday” ritual can involve:

  • Shopping and food prep time (or arranging to have food delivered)
  • Planning your exercise for the week 
  • Meal planning and menu design (looking up new recipes)
  • Washing and chopping vegetables
  • Cooking/preparing protein (e.g. cooking up chicken breasts)
  • Cooking meals in bulk (e.g. casseroles, soups, stews, chili)
  • Preparing the dry ingredients for things like smoothies, overnight oats or a healthy muffin mix
  • Sorting foods into smaller containers or baggies
  • Freezing and refrigerating food for later
  • Planning healthy meals that someone else cooks (e.g. using a meal delivery service, deciding in advance what to order at a restaurant, etc.)
  • Looking ahead to ensure healthy eating strategies during the next few days, especially during difficult times (e.g. a busy week, traveling, etc.)

Ready to apply the Sunday Ritual to your life??

Get started by asking yourself the following: How can I plan and prepare for my week ahead to ensure that I give myself the best chance of succeeding?

Block of an hour or two on the day of your choice and pick a ritual that will best suit your lifestyle.

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start?

Schedule a consultation with one of our Certified Nutrition Coaches.

Together with our expert guidance, personal & professional experience, and passion for empowering others, we will help you to create your own unique personal lifestyle & nutrition plan to help you reach your goals!

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