March 2020 Fit Tips - True Conditioning
March 2020 Fit Tips by True Conditioning

March 2020 Fit Tips


March 2020 Fit Tips

February 29, 2020

Written by: Laura R


We’ve got a new Transformation Challenge about to begin and with that we’d like to make sure you’re set up on the right path to succeed! Here are 10 tips you can start today to help set you this month with your nutrition!

1. Cut Portions

If you think leaving just a little something on your plate won’t matter, think again. It will. Small amounts of uneaten food add up to calories that stay on the plate – not on you.

2. Sip while you sit

Bring a cup or bottle of water with you whenever you sit (at your desk, in the car or in front of the TV, for example). Although moving is better than sitting, at least you’ll be performing a healthy habit when at rest.

3. Make a move

Take the stairs, park a few blocks away or otherwise become inefficient and take extra steps to get where you need to go.

4. Have a vegetable at breakfast

Most people save their veggies for dinner, but it’s healthful to think outside the cereal bowl and veg out at breakfast. For example, add a sliced tomato to your cheese sandwich or some mushrooms and peppers to your eggs. Pick your favourite colourful veggie and toss it in! 

5. Find fiber

Whether it’s a bran cereal, a small amount of nuts, oatmeal or an array of other fiber-filled foods, added fiber can make you feel fuller longer and provide your bowels with a little encouragement!

6. Flip the package over

Read nutrition labels to see what’s really in your food. Not to count calories, but to eat foods that COUNT. Look for whole foods and short ingredient lists.

7. Don’t fear fat – but don’t go overboard

Fat has more calories than other nutrients, but it has multiple benefits. If you watch your portions, you can enjoy its decadence. It will help keep you fuller and often adds flavour to your meal.

8. Don’t have guilt as a side dish

If you overindulge at a meal, move on

9. Be mindful

Unless you’re driving, close your eyes when you eat, although we highly encourage you to NOT eat wile you are driving! Or look around and take in your surroundings. How do you feel while you eat?  Notice the food’s texture, temperature and flavour. 

10. Pick plants

Protein derived from plant sources such as seeds, nuts, tofu and tempeh, as well as from grains, can help lower cholesterol, improve your heart health and add a satiating blend of flavours to extend Meatless Monday to the rest of the week. 

When dialling in on your nutrition, we encourage you to ADD rather than DEPRIVE. Add more healthful foods rather than cut out all sugar. It is a more sustainable change and will have longer lasting, more positive outcomes! 

For more information like the tips above, join our upcoming Transformation Challenge and make life long healthful changes! 

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