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Linea Volkering

May 29, 2019

Written by: Aaron J.


Training with Sophie has been so positive and motivating. She knows her stuff and is really diligent about making sure the program you’re getting is serving you well. I appreciate the fact that she’s a dedicated athlete in her own personal life, so you know you’re working with someone is practicing what she preaches. Sophie is organized, she has an eye for detail, she cares about your safety and the environment at her gym is supportive and welcoming. Sophie has helped me go optimize my eating habits, get a own home gym program set up and has got me through a lot of different life events by being my own personal cheerleader/ass-kicker in the gym. Getting regular training has helped me rehabilitate, reset and move past a spectrum of pre-existing injuries. If you are ready to put in the work, you’ll get results with Sophie.   

Starting a training program at True Conditioning genuinely changed my life — I look at my physical health with a greater understanding, respect and attention. Signing up for classes or doing personal training is such a great first step to getting into your fitness routine because you have accountability, coaching and a set schedule that keeps you showing up. If you’re embarrassed or nervous, don’t be — TC has a great atmosphere of community which is fabulous and energizing to be around. The trainers will look out for you, give you kind and gentle guidance when you’re unsure and help you achieve your fitness goals. I would also remind everyone that life happens — sometimes you fall off your fitness train, but it is so easy to get back on by just showing up. Go, and go again and again after that — you’ll be glad you did.