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February 8, 2021

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Because of previous injuries, I became wary of exercise and was never regularly active. However, I considered myself to be quite weak, and wanted to build strength knowing that “being thin” does not necessarily mean “being healthy.” As a beginner and young female, I am so happy to have found a team that truly empowers women. True Conditioning has the environment that many look for – a zero judgement and 100% fun and motivating studio. Just a month of classes has already left me feeling stronger and more confident in myself, thanks to the amazing trainers! The team at True Conditioning never falls short of helping you realize your potential.

As a student who studies how the body moves, I can confidently say that this gym teaches you to do exactly that! I’m not only armed with stronger muscles after each session, but also more knowledge of my body. No matter your experience with exercise, if you’re looking for somewhere to get moving, start at True Conditioning! Not only will your future body thank you, but you’ll meet some amazing people along the way.