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Evan Rubin


Evan Rubin

February 8, 2021

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My wife had been going to True Conditioning for a few years and “suggested” I give it a try and go in for a free consultation. I had never been an exercise or gym person but knew I had to do something for my health, so I figured going for a consult wouldn’t kill me. During the consult session, Sophie assessed what my current exercise and nutrition was like and what my fitness goals were, while she demonstrated some exercises both in and out of the TRX….and then had me try them too. Maybe it was the warm and inviting feeling coming from everybody at TC, Sophie’s motivating and positive attitude, or her bulldog Winston but I decided to take the plunge and try TC out. To get a good foundation using the TRX and weights, I started with some personal training sessions, which I highly recommend if you’re new to this training system. After a few sessions, Sophie suggested I try some classes but I was reluctant to go. However, with her positive encouragement to “just try 1 class and see what happens”, she helped me get past what I thought I couldn’t do (but she knew I COULD do all along), and I went to my 1st class…and I haven’t stopped going to them ever since. I can honestly say after just a few weeks at TC, I noticed I felt better both physically and mentally, stronger and even started to lose some weight. I have done personal training and classes with all the TC trainers and every one of them is awesome. Their focus is doing whatever it takes to help YOU reach your fitness goals. No matter who you work with at TC, you’re in great hands. True Conditioning has become a home away from home for our family as our school aged kids also train there-and they love it just as much as my wife and I do ! TC is so much more than just a gym- it’s a caring community of like minded people who want to improve their overall health and well being, and have some fun and enjoy some laughs while sweating away doing that. Deciding to join True Conditioning is one of the best choices you can make to invest in yourself. I would highly encourage anyone thinking of trying True Conditioning to Just Do It- your body and mind will thank you for it.