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Tiffany Tsang


Tiffany Tsang

October 27, 2020

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“I have always been intimidated by going to the gym, and so I’ve avoided it by trying to stay fit by playing indoor soccer and badminton. Over the course of 5 years of working in a stressful job and eating take-out all the time, the exercise wasn’t enough to keep my weight down and I was putting on 5-10lbs a year. 

I signed up with Tara for personal training with the goal of losing weight and building endurance so I could survive a 20km hike on my trip to New Zealand, but I quickly realized that was not my end goal. Tara helped me learn to like my body and its potential, and constantly pushes me to reach new heights. Since training with Tara I have learned to stop looking at just my weight, but look at how strong I can be. Every PT session I get a unique and effective workout where I’m lifting heavier weights, doing more reps, and improving on my cardio. Tara has also helped me understand that eating well doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy foods I love (in moderation) and helped me tackle my “too busy to eat healthy” problem by introducing me to 2 Guys with Knives – a healthy meal delivery service here in Vancouver.

If you’re thinking about starting personal training, start today by getting a consultation at TC! Set goals with your trainer and let your trainer help you set realistic expectations. Everyone has a different body composition and lifestyle, so focus on how you compare with yourself instead of others, and enjoy this journey of becoming a better you!