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Katie Keenie


Katie Keenie

October 26, 2020

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The pandemic had really gotten me off-track, I was feeling down about where I had gotten to, in terms of health and fitness, and was looking for something to help kick-start me back into a good routine. Like many of us, I’ve struggled with weight loss and gain for most of my life and I was really looking for something that would help to break that cycle, wasn’t a fad diet, and something that was going to help teach me techniques and skills to be able to live life in a healthy and manageable way. 

I had decided as part of the challenge I was also going to do some personal training sessions, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve learnt so much over the 8 weeks, each week we were given a new challenge and tasked with incorporating that into our daily routine. About halfway through the challenge I was faced with quite a bit of work stress, I’m so grateful that I had joined when I did, it helped me manage through the stress without using food to cope and was the perfect opportunity to put the new skills I’ve learnt to the test. 

With the support of Sophie, Pilar and all the trainers at True Conditioning, I’ve seen amazing results. I’ve lost weight but more importantly I’ve gained muscle, feel stronger and am confident that I have the skills to be able to maintain the weight I’ve lost, continue to build muscle and be able to navigate the ups and downs of life without reverting back to my old food tendencies. 

For anyone who is thinking about signing-up, I would say JUST DO IT! This challenge helps you build a healthy, balanced lifestyle while connecting you to a community of challenge participants, True Conditioning members and trainers who are there to help support and cheer you on along the way.