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October 7, 2020

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The last several years have seen a great deal of change for me.  Remarrying and settling into a new family routine, two provincial moves, completing an MBA, and a super demanding work schedule.  I had lost sight of my health and fitness goals and was clearly starting to feel it.  At the end of the work day I had little energy or motivation, and stressful days meant I indulged in comfort foods.  I had previously been very active, running half marathons and a regular at the gym, so I figured I could get myself back on track.  After months of trying on my own with no sustained results, I came across a Facebook ad for True Conditioning.  I booked a free consult in November 2019 and am grateful for it.

In my first meeting with Karina for my consultation, I knew I would not only enjoy working with her, but learn a great deal.  Karina takes the time to explain the technical details of exercises, allowing me to understand what exactly I am trying to achieve, and why the technique is important.  I’ve worked out with trainers in the past including a 2 year long engagement several years ago, but no one ever explained the why behind what I was trying to do.  

Karina and I have been working together ever since my consult in November.  She has the perfect blend of bad ass trainer, pushing me to work hard, coupled with kind encouragement to do my very best.  She celebrates my wins with me, reminding me how far I have come.  I have greater confidence in classes, during PT sessions, and am able to supplement my routine with tough workouts on my own.  My clothes fit better and I have even reintroduced some old favourites I had lost confidence to wear, back into my wardrobe.

I am stronger, more toned and certainly more capable of killing it in a class or workout.  Working with Karina has given me the confidence to sign up for another half marathon, although it was postponed due to COVID.  Not only am I feeling better on the outside, but my cardiovascular stats have improved, including a drop in my cholesterol level.  

My advice to anyone who is feeling they want to make a material change in their health and fitness is don’t delay!  True Conditioning is a community of supportive, real people that genuinely encourage everyone of every shape, size and fitness level – it is truly a judgment free zone.  I have done classes, personal training, and a COVID modified transformation challenge and truly found it to be a fantastic investment in me.   I know people question if personal training is really worth it.  My answer – absolutely!  The motivation and education make it easier to get started, and stick to it.  I look forward to my sessions and being able to apply what I learn. True Conditioning isn’t a quick fix but a support system for a lifestyle change.