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Lolita Hemmons


Lolita Hemmons

May 29, 2019

Written by: Aaron J.


After years of being a couch potato I made a decision to change my unhealthy life! I joined Team in Training and ran my first half marathon in 2010 then in 2011 ran my first and only full marathon in the beautiful city of Rome! Continued on my own and ran six more half marathons. Then I turned fifty and started feeling ill, everyone said I was going through the change, hot flashes, sleepless nights and no energy at all. After fourteen months of health issues I finally received the clean bell of health, unfortunately I was back to square one. Didn’t matter how hard I would work out I was not getting any results and started getting a little depressed! Then Sophie started the Health and Wellness challenge, I thought why not….what do I have to lose? I’ve always kept my weight a secret and there I was having Sophie measure and weigh me, I have to admit I was a little embarrassed…….the food plan was quite simple, basically eat the way we have been told to since we were children and silly us never listed! I exercised four days a week with my fitness guru’s Sophie and Ryan and would change it up and go to a spin class twice a week. I’d get a little discouraged when the scale wouldn’t show the results, although I was feeling stronger, healthier and full of energy. I’d let Sophie know about my frustration and she said put away the scale and keep following the plan….so I did. After four weeks I was shocked with my successful results. I also noticed that my hot flashes and sleepless nights were over! I’ve decided to continue the plan, maybe not so regimented…..I have a few more inches and a little more weight to lose.

I can’t say enough about Sophie and Ryan they truly want to see their clients succeed – I can remember when I first started at True Conditioning I could barely do the exercises and thought I was over my head, but with Sophie and Ryan’s encouragement I’m now stronger and healthier! Thank you Sophie and Ryan for always pushing me to go a little further.

I started training with Sophie straight out of university and was out shape after five years of sitting in class, studying hard and eating poorly — basically had no muscle or any conditioning/endurance or flexibility at that point. As a result, I didn’t have great physical awareness (no idea how to do a proper squat or deadlift, or most basic compound movements) and I had low confidence in gym-style or sport environments because of that. I also had no fundamental understanding of basic nutrition or how to optimize my diet to keep my body healthy. I was tired all the time, or restless and generally not fully utilizing the best tool I’ve ever had — which is my body.