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Kathy Matthews


Kathy Matthews

May 29, 2019

Written by: Aaron J.


I have been a member who works out regularly at True Conditioning for a few years. What drives me to workout is the fun welcoming environment and the chance to build flexibility,

strength and reduce stress. Recently I was fully shown just how far I have come by THE BEST non scale victory. When I started at True Conditioning I struggled to ball slam a 4kg medicine ball… with strong, caring, motivating, supportive guidance and training

from all the trainers (and some members too) despite being the largest person in the room most of the time, trainers see me as more than just my size and I have always felt encouraged and supported to keep going. Recently I was shown just how far I have come

from that 4kg medicine ball of Hell… I helped a friend move… I lifted my side of a 3 person sturdy couch, navigated it through narrow hallways, down steps, across a yard, up some more steps and into another narrow hallway like it was nothing… honestly

felt like I could have done it with 1 hand… I carried and lifted things for 3 hours… I helped her husband carry their dryer up 3 steps and lift it up and onto their washer like it was nothing… unfrikken believable. Since coming to True Conditioning I

am happy about what I’ve lost, but I am truly blown away with all I have gained. I have joined 2 of their 8 week health challenges recently and have learned invaluable knowledge about nutrition. I encourage you all to constantly challenge yourself and everyday

wake up and notice the awesome! The trainers @ True Conditioning sure do.