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Erica Williams


Erica Williams

August 5, 2020

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After gaining weight during the pandemic lock down, I had finally reached the point of my clothes not fitting and being very uncomfortable in my skin and decided to make a change. I decided to try nutrition coaching with Sophie at True Conditioning, and it was the best decision! Sophie took the time to discuss my goals, and my current diet during our first meeting, and discussed the things I should modify to get to my goal size. Sophie is so knowledgeable, and went over all the foods and portion sizes I should be eating and when I should eat them; I had no idea that some of the foods I was eating were healthy, but were not going to contribute to any weight loss. I began to see results after just 2-3 days, which, combined with Sophie’s weekly feedback and support, really motivated me to stick with it. After 4 weeks I have seen dramatic results, my energy levels are much better and I just generally feel better. I lost weight, and body fat, and am almost at my goal size. Sophie doesn’t just create a meal plan, she enforces the good eating habits and portions so you can take that knowledge with you and continue on your own. I am confident that with the knowledge and results I got with Sophie, I will continue my fitness/weight journey! I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to make a change, whether you have 10 or 50lbs to lose, it works, and it’s worth it.