Dana - True Conditioning




June 1, 2019

Written by: Aaron J.


Before training at True Conditioning, I struggled to find a gym with not only a positive and high energy atmosphere, but also workouts that were challenging and new. As a person who grew up playing competitive team sports at a high level, I was injured and could no longer continue to play team sports for fun and exercise. Instead, I tried everything under the sun: personal training, yoga, spin, going to the gym alone and even outdoor bootcamps (to name a few). No matter which gyms I tried, or what workouts I did, I found myself bored of the exercises after a short amount of time. Since I was always a team player, I found myself gaining more motivation from group fitness classes due to my competitive nature than working out solo…unfortunately it is difficult to find group fitness classes that are inviting and challenging.  

Cue: My first time at True Conditioning. I remember my first class over 2 years ago, and what I remember even more clearly was how sore I was after that TRX workout…. EVERYWHERE. I loved that feeling! I had not felt that challenged or sore in such a long time and it felt great to try something new.  The more I went, the more I realized that this was the place for me. The trainers were welcoming, and each class was hard, leaving me dripping with sweat. What I began to love even more was that each class was not only different, but always packed with new exercises, formats or combos I had never seen before – this keeps everything fresh and interesting; something that is very important to me!

I am so impressed with the overall strength and confidence I have gained over the past couple years from True Conditioning. Although TRX training can be a tough workout, I constantly see myself getting stronger. I would advise anyone thinking of True Conditioning to sign up right away! If you are looking for a fun, energetic, sweaty and challenging workout, this is the place for you! The trainers are supportive, the clients are all inclusive, and everyone is pushing each other to hit their personal best. Personally, it is somewhere that continues to be fresh, new and exciting and I can’t wait until my class tomorrow!