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Andrea Lee


Andrea Lee

May 29, 2019

Written by: Aaron J.


Before the challenge, I had gone through a rough few years. I was previously very active but slowly succumbed to inactivity and unhealthy eating. I kept saying it was baby weight, but realized that’s no excuse as my child is now almost school-aged. I was losing confidence in myself and just hated how tired I was and how I looked in photos. I found the challenge randomly on Facebook and joined on a whim. I am so grateful I gave myself the gift of this challenge. My experience was incredible! I loved how approachable Sophie and all of the staff at True Conditioning are. It was motivating to see other people doing the same Challenge at workouts and to have them encourage each other in person and online. The emphasis on new healthy habits were incremental, approachable, and feel sustainable. I was initially hard on myself for not being perfect, but was instead celebrated for being healthier and stronger each day. Every little step I made added up to something great. I lost over 19 pounds, 4.6% body fat, 4 inches in my waist, and am starting to feel confident again. If you are thinking about joining the Transformation Challenge, please treat yourself to it! You won’t regret it. It’s worth it to prioritize yourself.