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Kate Balen


Kate Balen

October 15, 2019

Written by: Laura R


My Mission

I help people work towards embracing their strength and move away from the idea that lifting weights makes you bulky.

About Me

Former competitive swimmer, tuned powerlifter and Olympic Weightlifter, Kate has a passion for weightlifting, nutrition and exercise. She recently completed her Personal Training certificate and her Nutrition Coaching certification. With the goal to continue her education in fitness Kate has joined True Conditioning to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle by finding a style of training they love.

After becoming more competitive in olympic weightlifting, Kate decided to make a change in her nutrition and worked with True Conditioning to lose over 20 lbs in order to qualify for the 75kg weight class where she then went on to qualify for Provincials. She is excited to share her new found knowledge and experience with others in order to help women find a healthy balance with food and feel comfortable in their body.
When Kate is not training, or sneaking in additional squats with her equally as strong boyfriend and trainer Andy, she can be found at Tacofino, hiking one of Vancouver’s many beautiful mountains, trying new recipes, or doing her best to not to think about donuts.