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Armando Singh


Armando Singh

May 16, 2024

Written by: Laura R


My Mission

I help people feel like they have unlocked their inner superhero, focussing on strength and sculpting the body all while having fun.

About Me

No perm necessary. Inspired from a young age, Armando has lead his life in search of looking like a superhero from the cartoons, comics and wrestling shows he used to watch as a child.  He has tried many forms of exercise before such as martial arts, soccer, and a brief stint in dance which he will not go in to – the ones that stuck were running and bodybuilding.  Helped at first from age 9 by his father who was a former bodybuilder and wrestler himself, Armando had gotten the superhero shape and size – as well as worked his way into the thousand pound club before his mid twenties.  Twenty-three inch arms, a particularly fond notch on his belt.

Unfortunately, being taught by a classic bodybuilder lead to a classic mindset, leading to classic injuries.  Those coupled with a traumatic work injury, sent his fitness career and lifestyle back down to zero.  Since then, he has learned the balance of rest and relaxation – as well as a healthy and injury preventative mindset in the gym.  Since the gym has always been a part of his life, he has always been helping and offering advice to gym-goers both new and experienced.  So when a handful of former gym-partners he taught became personal trainers, he then followed suit and acquired his ACE certification.  Now officially paid to have fun and teach others aspiring to be better versions of themselves!  If requested, he can list all of the injuries from top to bottom or inside-out. 

When he is not in the gym, Armando enjoys getting his nerd on by reading comic books or playing video games – as well as Directing and Producing his own indie-films.