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Faline Stewart


Faline Stewart

May 2, 2023

Written by: Laura R


My Mission

I specialize in working with clients who are eager to prioritize their physical and mental health. I am dedicated to helping them achieve their athletic goals, while minimizing the risk of injury and supporting them in their recovery

About Me

Since a young age, Faline has loved variety and tying different activities. Growing up in Yellowknife, she started dancing and skating as a child and moved on to choreography and theatre in high school. After a brief acting stint in Vancouver, Faline trained as a Class One truck driver. Even though she worked 60+ hours/week, she still made her fitness a priority, often hitting the gym at 5am to fit it in.

In her quest for variety in life as well as her desire to give back, Faline joined a search and rescue crew and began travelling the world. After an accident that resulted in being off work for 4 months, she became depressed and unmotivated, but eventually found solace and strength in a community focused fitness studio. She began taking classes and found her passion once again, winning a fitness contest and completing her first 10km run. After spending a year regaining her strength and working towards pain free training, Faline became a personal trainer in the hopes of guiding others towards a healthy and pain free fitness journey.

Faline is an accomplished scuba diver, a stand in actor, a novice skateboarder, and an avid hiker amongst many other accomplishments! She is not scared to try new things and training with Faline will always be a fun and interesting adventure!