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Paige Alison


Paige Alison

December 7, 2019

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Before True Conditioning, life had kicked me around a bit and I felt like I was out of the habit of taking care of myself, using food mainly as a comfort. What motivated me to seek out better fitness was increasing problems with my back, swollen joints and heartburn. The Transformation Challenge provided the support, learning and accountability I needed to make the changes necessarily to get back to living, eating and sleeping better. I was inspired by the show of muscular strength around me in the TRX and Pilates classes and everyone was very welcoming and helpful to the newbie. During the two months I got my core strength to a level that my back is not going out at the slightest movement, I can lift heavy things, enjoy cooking again and no more heartburn! It felt like a big financial commitment at the time, but I saved most of that money back by cooking more for myself rather than eating out and buying less packaged food. It was the best $ I have ever spent. 

Thanks again!