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Aila Morris


Aila Morris

December 17, 2019

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Before joining True Conditioning, I had always seen myself as someone who would regularly exercise and generally eat healthy. I had been working hard to loose weight and get my body “back” after having my two kids. I had plateaued for quite a few months and was feeling frustrated. So when the challenge came up I knew that if I committed and followed the plan with the help of Sophie and her team I would see some great results. 

And sure enough I loved the challenge! I found that it was really easy to follow. It made me think differently what my meals would entail, portion sizes and when certain foods would fuel my body better ie. a starchy fruit post workout instead of any time of the day. I changed my snack routine drastically. I was never hungry throughout the day which was important to me to be successful. One thing that you do have to commit to is being prepared and planing ahead. This challenge is only successful when you meal plan and prep. It does not work for grab and go. I would spend time on Sundays getting ready for the week. Making meals and snacks to set myself up for success. The weekly feedback from the coaches was really helpful to tweak how/when I ate to allow even more success. Sophie would send out weekly emails with a focus and a goal to think about. This was just a good reminder to what had been set up originally in the challenge. I didn’t exercise as much as I would have liked but was still very successful in the challenge!  

Over the course of 8 weeks, I lost almost 16lbs! I had more energy, lost inches and generally felt so much better! I made it well past my plateau. I couldn’t be happier and will continue to eat with the new habits that I learned from the challenge. 

If you are thinking about signing up for the next Transformation Challenge it is 100% worth it, I would recommend to everyone. It gave me way more energy and taught me a different way to think about how I am eating and what my body needs. It helped me to get past my plateau and even past. Put in the time to meal prep and snack prep. This is a huge part of being successful in the challenge. The challenge taught me lifelong healthy eating habits that I will keep in my every day routine.