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Alex Turnbull


Alex Turnbull

May 29, 2019

Written by: Aaron J.


I started a personal training program with Sophie in the hopes that exercise would help me alleviate my widespread pain due to chronic migraines. After a few months of committing to twice a week workouts, I lost around 30 pounds, numerous inches, and gained a tremendous amount of strength. Most importantly, my level of pain decreased significantly and my quality of life improved. I also gained the confidence to join group classes and I continue these today. Sophie is an incredible trainer with a wealth of fitness knowledge as well as nutritional expertise. She helped me learn that not only are workouts important, but what you eat is critical to success in any health and wellness program. After months of living in pain, Sophie was really such a wonderful support to me both as a trainer and as a friend, and True Conditioning offered a safe and welcoming atmosphere that enabled me to relearn what my body is capable of doing. I always felt pushed to go a bit further but I always stayed within my body’s own limits.

To anyone considering TRX I really encourage you to do so! I really needed the one on one attention at first and I would recommend a few personal training sessions to anyone new. As a trainer, Sophie is incredibly kind and encouraging, and the team at True Conditioning is professional and welcoming from the minute you step inside the studio. I was certainly hesitant as to what TRX suspension training was and what it could offer me in my wellness journey. However, I’ve learned to love it for its versatility, because your workouts can always be modified depending on your level. I no longer live in Steveston but I would highly recommend True Conditioning to anyone. Sophie’s enthusiasm and drive for fitness is highly contagious, so much so that I still commit myself to regular TRX workouts at a boutique studio in the Fraser Valley! I cannot thank Sophie enough for her guidance and friendship, she is really an inspiration and True Conditioning offers a very special and unique community that will embrace and challenge you no matter what your goals are.