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15 Effective TRX Moves to Challenge Your Body from Head to Toe


15 Effective TRX Moves to Challenge Your Body from Head to Toe

June 11, 2019

Written by: Aaron J.


Tired of your workout routine? Challenge your total body and core with TRX Suspension Training. Born in the Navy Seals, TRX Suspension Training is a revolutionary workout method that develops Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Core Stabilityby allowing you to leverage gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises.

Because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance, you’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise- making it the perfect piece of equipment for people of all ages and fitness levels.  

So whether you’re a high level athlete looking to build SEAL-worthy strength, or a weekend warrior looking to add something new to your workout routine, these 15 TRX moves will challenge your whole body from head to toe.

Jump in, and get ready to hang tough!

Upper Body

1. TRX Y Fly

Extend your arms overhead in a “Y” position, palms facing forward, with your feet in an offset stance. While maintaining tension on the TRX, slowly lower your body down, keeping your arms extended. Focus on holding your plank position as you lift your handles up to the ceiling, by driving your knuckles back, and lifting your chest up while keeping your eyes on the anchor point.

TC Exercises 043.JPG
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2. TRX Push Up

Start in a plank position with your feet in the foot cradles. With your hands under your shoulders, slowly lower yourself down in one controlled motion until your chest is just above the ground. Maintain your plank position by engaging your core as your drive your body up, back to your start position.

3. TRX Power Pull

Stand facing the anchor with a wide stance. Grab the TRX with your left hand and hold it at chest height, with your left elbow pointing behind body. With your opposite arm reaching up towards the top of the straps, slowly reach your free arm the towards the ground, while extending your working arm. To return to your starting position, drive your working elbow straight back while rotating your free arm up toward the anchor point.

4. TRX Low Row

Facing your anchor point, grab onto the handles with your palms facing one another. Lean back in your plank position until weight is on your heels, with your arms extended out in front of you. Looking up at your anchor point, focus on driving your elbows back to squeeze your shoulder blades together. Keep your core tight as you pull your chest up to meet your hands. Lower to return to start.


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5. TRX Hip Press

Facing your anchor point, lie down on your back and drop your heels into the foot cradles. Bring your knees into your chest until your knees form a 90-degree angle over top of your hips. Dig down through your heels and push your hips up towards the ceiling by engaging your core and squeezing your glutes. Lower back down to start. For an added challenge, keep your hips off the mat the entire time as you extend and lower your hips. 

6. TRX Suspended Lunge

Start standing on one leg facing away from the anchor point with one foot suspended in both foot cradles. Standing up straight, engage your core and drop your hips down and back into a deep lunge. Keep your front knee over top of your ankle and focus on keep your head and chest up. Stop at the bottom once your back knee reaches 90 degrees. Drive through your front leg to return to the top of your lunge. For an extra challenge add a hop or knee tuck as your drive back up to your starting position.

7. TRX Squat Jumps

Stand facing the anchor point with your chest up, feet hip width apart and the TRX positioned at mid length. Keep your elbows relaxed and into your sides. Holding onto your handles, drop your hips down and back, keeping your weight in your heels. Squeeze your glutes and drive through your heels as you jump to reach full hip extension at the top of your squat. Use the TRX straps to help you decelerate and land as softly as possible.

8. TRX Single Leg Squat

Stand facing the anchor point with your elbows under your shoulders and tension on the straps. Lift your left leg off the ground into a full pistol squat position with your toes pointed up to the ceiling. Then, lower your hips down and back, allowing the knee of your assisting leg to bend. Keep the majority of weight in your working leg and focus on driving up through your heel, thoroughly extending your hips at the top of the movement. Repeat on the left side.

TC Exercises 033.JPG
TC Exercises 035.JPG

9. Hamstring Curl

Facing your anchor point, lie face up on your back with both heels in the foot cradles, with your arms extended by your sides. Keeping your core tight, dig your heels down in the foot cradles and lift your hips off the floor. With control, pull your heels in toward your hips and push your heels back to straighten your legs back out to your starting position. Focus on staying engaged though your core and keeping your hips off the mat throughout the entire movement.

Total Body/Core

10. TRX Standing Roll Out

Facing away from your anchor point, stand feet shoulder with the part with your arms stretched out in front of you. Engage your core, tuck your tailbone and reach forward. As you fall forward reach your arms up until they’re in line with the rest of your bodying brace yourself with your core. Reverse the movement y drawing your belly button into your spine to return to start.

11. TRX Standing Hip Drop

Stand sideways to the anchor point, facing to the left side and hold handles in both hands directly above your head with your elbows bent out to the side in a diamond position. Keeping tension on the straps, drop your hip out to the right, and engage your core and obliques to perform a side crunch to return your body back up to your upright position. 

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TC Exercises 243.JPG

12. TRX Pike

Start in a plank position with both feet in the foot cradles under the anchor point. Brace your core and pike your hips up to the ceiling while letting your head drop between your arms, and by drawing your feet in towards your upper body. Drop your hips back down with control, and return to a plank position

TC Exercises 045.JPG
TC Exercises 043.JPG
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13. TRX Atomic Push Ups

Start in a pushup position with your feet in the foot cradles directly under the anchor point, and your hands under your shoulders. Brace your core and perform a pushup. When you reach the top of the push up, pause for a moment and perform a TRX crunch by drawing your knees toward your chest and pikeing your hips up slightly.With control, slowly lower back down to your starting position. 

14. TRX Mountain Climber

Starting in a plank position with your feet in the foot cradles under the anchor point, begin with your right knee drawn into your chest, and left leg extended out behind you. Engage your core and just as you would with your feet on the floor, alternate bringing one knee into your chest at a time. Once you get the rhythm, speed up the movement while maintaining control. 

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15. Side Plank

Begin side facing the anchor point on your left side with place both feet into the cradles. Stack your top leg in front of your opposite foot with both feet facing forward, heel to toe. Create a strong foundation by stacking your your elbow under your shoulder. Lift yourself up into a side plank and hold. To make it harder, add a hip drop by lowering your hip to the floor and raising it back up into the side plank. Hold for a few seconds at the top, and then repeat.