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What is the Waitlist Policy?


What is the Waitlist Policy?

September 10, 2020

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The waitlist is designed to allow willing and able clients an opportunity to take a fully booked class. Any client that has been added to a waitlist should be willing and able to take the class if a spot becomes available. If a spot opens up, the latest you will be notified is up to 2 hours in advance.

All Clients will be auto-confirmed for their appointment when bumped into class.

If a client is on the waitlist and they are unable to make their workout, it is their responsibility to early cancel their waitlisted appointment more than 8 hours prior to the start of their class. If a client is moved into class off of a waitlist inside of 8 hours, the Late Cancel Policy will apply. If at any point, a client is aware that they cannot make the waitlisted class, they should actively remove themselves from their respective waitlist to avoid a potential late cancelation fee.

Thank you for your cooperation <3