Christine - True Conditioning




May 29, 2019

Written by: Aaron J.


I started making changes towards improving my health a few months prior to joining the transformation challenge but I realized I needed help from a professional to ensure long-term success. There are confusing information out there about diets and fitness and I thought a professional could guide me in the right direction. During the challenge, I learned to make healthy food choices while allowing myself to enjoy the foods that I love. The workouts at True Conditioning are fun, energetic, and challenging. I look forward to gaining more strength with the help of the supportive trainers. In 8 weeks, I lost about 10 lbs, lost 3% of body fat and gained lean body mass! My clothes fit better, if not looser. I’m gonna need a whole new wardrobe! 🙂

For anyone thinking of joining the challenge, it is so worth it! You are going to love the physical transformation but will be blown away by how much stronger you’ll feel after 8 weeks!