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Sophie Manfredi


Sophie Manfredi

May 15, 2019

Written by: Laura R


My Mission

I help women lose weight and keep it off without feeling like they’re on a diet

About Me

Former Lululemon Ambassador, Competitive Olympic Weightlifter, PN L2 Nutrition Coach and overall sweat junkie, Sophie is on the pursuit to live a regret free life. With a background in competitive sports, including swimming and varsity rowing, Sophie loves to push her limits by taking on new challenges and hopes to inspire others to make exercise something they love to do.

Sophie was inspired to become a personal trainer after joining the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Contest – a competition to redefine the female athlete.  She declared to help ten women step outside their comfort zone in pursuit of a fitness goal, After documenting one of the most inspirational stories Sophie was selected as a Motivational Champion out of 14,000 women and was sent to Camp Sweat in Florida to train with nine other women at the IMG Academy.

After returning from Camp Sweat, Sophie founded True Conditioning based on her mission to empower women through fitness and health. Sophie believes all women should feel comfortable and confident in their body, and hopes to inspire others to step outside their comfort zone, so they may uncover their true fitness potential.