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Esther Colon


Esther Colon

November 25, 2019

Written by: Laura R


My Mission

I help postpartum people build strength and confidence so they can access their best selves.

About Me

Physical activity always played a big role in Esther’s life. Born and raised in Montreal, but adopted by Richmond, Esther desires to make fitness simple, fun, accessible and effective.

Esther is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with ACE. She also holds two certifications for pre and postnatal fitness. One of her core beliefs is that women need to have the support they deserve when it comes to dealing with prenatal and postnatal care, no matter where they are on their journey. Being a new mama herself, she understands the various challenges the postnatal population faces and aims to make moms comfortable in a gym environment.

Although she has always been into fitness, diving into structured training really made the difference for her. By training to get stronger she felt healthier mentally and physically. She was feeling much more energized. Her hope is that everybody gets a chance to find health through movement and she aims to encourage as many people as possible to do so. She is looking to participate in a fitness community of like-minded people and strive to provide help and support to all who need it.

Esther is always looking to try new ways to get moving, whether it is kickboxing, pole fitness or crossfit, she is always open and curious. You can find her on any given day with her daughter, husband and her dog Denzel on a Richmond trail near you!