Deanna Ceperly 


Deanna Ceperly 

May 20, 2022

Written by: Laura R


My Mission

I help people push past their self limiting beliefs and uncover their true potential.

About Me

After practicing yoga for over 10 years Deanna decided to join a gym to help bring balance to her physical health as while as her mental health. Knowing she was interested in the support and energy of a fitness class she tried a HIIT bootcamp class and fell in love with it. 

Not long after joining True Conditioning she decided she never wanted to leave and become a personal trainer/fitness instructor. With the help and encouragement of the trainers at True Conditioning she was able to pass her ACE certification with flying colours! 

Now committed to helping all people no matter their size, shape, background or fitness level find a place to have fun and feel like they belong while on their journey in creating a balanced healthy lifestyle. When not at the gym(either teaching a class her taking a class herself) you can find her running around Steveston, drinking coffee or trying to keep her mischievous cat out of trouble!