Member Testimonials

Kate Balen

Lost 11 lbs and 2.5% Body Far in 2 Months

I reached out to to Sophie a few months back looking for help to lose weight in order to compete in an upcoming weightlifting meet. I had to lose 15 pounds in order to qualify for the 75kg weight class. She has been amazing in helping me reach my goals! I have found that with proper nutrition my body feels lighter, stronger and faster in my workouts. I have learned so much about nutrition and what my body needs to perform well! There have definitely been frustrating moments when my weight didn't budged for a few weeks! But Sophie continued to encourage me to keep going and trust the process! She was right! Sophie and Pilar have always been there to answer my multiple questions, which I greatly appreciate because I have many! I am so grateful for all of the support the true conditioning fam has given me and continue to give me. I am officially down 11 pounds and wouldn’t have been able to do it without you guys!

Tracy Kelvin

Lost 35 lbs and 9% Body Fat

I have been a member of the True Conditioning family almost from the day they opened their doors.  I can remember my first time walking through the doors of TC, having bought the initial Groupon they were offering.  To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about this TRX thing, but I needed to change up my workout routine so I though I’d give it a go!  Apart from being extremely impressed with the the studio, I was very impressed with the TRX system, and of course, the professionalism and knowledge of Sophie and Ryan.

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After a few months of taking part in the group classes, I decided to take my fitness journey to the next level and start personal training with Sophie. Sophie has the ability to be able to push me to go to the next level, and she does so basing it on her knowledge of me and my goals, not only is she a great trainer, she is a great listener and a great encourager.

I decided to get more focused and more serious about my health and nutrition, so January of this year (2017), specifically January 3, I made the commitment to make healthier nutritional and activity choices.

I had spent the previous 18 months waffling and wandering, not ready to commit to anything, and lacking motivation to make some life changing and life challenging changes.

I made the decision that I was going to make 2017 the year of living courageously and saying YES, celebrating my journey towards my 60th birthday in October. I have trained consistently this past year with Sophie and have also reevaluated and changed my relationship with food.

I stepped up to the Health and Wellness challenge in the Spring and haven’t looked back!  I will be joining the next Health and Wellness Challenge in October. Even though I will be travelling all of October, and will not be physically at TC, I am definitely tethered to this group, to this TC family and plan to connect via Social Media along my journey and prove to myself that the healthy nutrition and exercise habits that I have come to embrace I can continue to embrace no matter where I am. 

If you are reading this and contemplating trying out a TRX class, contemplating working out with Sophie one one on, contemplating joining the Health and Wellness Challenge, know this for sure, you get as much out of it as you are willing to put into it.  Sophie will guide you, encourage you, challenge you, shepherd you through the changes you seek, as long as you are ready, willing and able to commit to change.  Go for it, what have you got to lose?

Thank you Sophie for your encouragement, guidance, and friendship over the past few years!

Lit Onrubia

Hi, everyone! I finished my 12th (NYC) and 13th (Seattle) marathons last November and I couldn't have done it without the help of Sophie, Pilar, Ryan, Kristina and all you wonderful people at TC! We joined TC last June and it has remained one of the highlights of our family's relocation to Steveston. Before doing TRX training I was running about 1800-2000 KMs and joining 1-2 marathons per year. But I was also very weak, was eating poorly and was gaining 5 lbs per year for the past 6 yrs. But the team at TC helped change my body and gave me more everyday strength. And through the course of 6 months -- with better eating, more strength training and LESS running -- TC helped me shed 25 lbs and cross the finish lines well within my expected finish times (not that hard to do since I run slow, haha!). More importantly, I was running the last 5Ks of my marathons stronger and wasn't fading (as I usually do) and had almost no muscle soreness the day after. So thanks again to all the TC Coaches and club members. Working out with you guys has rejuvenated me. I thoroughly enjoy your company look forward to seeing you all again soon. Happy holidays, everyone!

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Bobby Farr

As a 72 year old person who was not in great physical condition and who has some flexibility issues it was a bit daunting for me to even think of entering a fitness program yet alone join a gym of any sorts…..

But after some encouragement from a friend and after speaking with Sophie, I took the first step and joined True Conditioning….

I was still nervous that I would be looked at as someone that should not be there as I certainly do not fit the ‘lulu lemon style of fitness person’ but even in the first class it was quite obvious that True Conditioning is really ‘all inclusive’ no matter what your physical limits are or your strength, or age they, instructors and fellow class mates, make everyone feel welcome and are so encouraging and supportive that I would encourage anyone thinking about joining to jump right in and start to not only have fun but to feel better about yourself and your physical fitness.

Alexandra Turnbull

I started a personal training program with Sophie in the hopes that exercise would help me alleviate my widespread pain due to chronic migraines. After a few months of committing to twice a week workouts, I lost around 30 pounds, numerous inches, and gained a tremendous amount of strength. Most importantly, my level of pain decreased significantly and my quality of life improved. I also gained the confidence to join group classes and I continue these today. Sophie is an incredible trainer with a wealth of fitness knowledge as well as nutritional expertise. She helped me learn that not only are workouts important, but what you eat is critical to success in any health and wellness program. After months of living in pain, Sophie was really such a wonderful support to me both as a trainer and as a friend, and True Conditioning offered a safe and welcoming atmosphere that enabled me to relearn what my body is capable of doing. I always felt pushed to go a bit further but I always stayed within my body’s own limits.

To anyone considering TRX I really encourage you to do so! I really needed the one on one attention at first and I would recommend a few personal training sessions to anyone new. As a trainer, Sophie is incredibly kind and encouraging, and the team at True Conditioning is professional and welcoming from the minute you step inside the studio. I was certainly hesitant as to what TRX suspension training was and what it could offer me in my wellness journey. However, I’ve learned to love it for its versatility, because your workouts can always be modified depending on your level. I no longer live in Steveston but I would highly recommend True Conditioning to anyone. Sophie’s enthusiasm and drive for fitness is highly contagious, so much so that I still commit myself to regular TRX workouts at a boutique studio in the Fraser Valley! I cannot thank Sophie enough for her guidance and friendship, she is really an inspiration and True Conditioning offers a very special and unique community that will embrace and challenge you no matter what your goals are.

Joanne Brown

I joined True Conditioning after struggling with nerve pain stemming from an autoimmune response to Salmonella. It was a painful two year recovery, that required me to go from not being able to walk at all, to using crutches, then using a cane, and eventually walking for short distances on my own. I had huge challenges with balance, and some permanent nerve damage in my lower back and right leg. To say I was starting from the VERY beginning, is an understatement. I was frustrated, discouraged, and missed the old, stronger, healthier, much more active me.

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Walking in and looking for someone whose name essentially says STRENGTH was a bit intimidating. I had driven by True Conditioning before, and had seen the TRX straps dangling from the ceiling, but knew nothing about what to expect, nor did I have a clue what I was doing. Pilar's first response to me was to beam with a huge ear-to-ear grin and announce, "Welcome!" Okay, great way to start... I started to feel a little less like running away. She listened to what my challenges were, and what my goals were. She assured me that we would meet and exceed those goals, and modified anything that was difficult for me to do. I started with a 25 pound deadlift, and today lift 145 pounds. When I say she modified things, I really mean it. I was essentially lifting a soup can for weight, and was starting at the very bottom. But still, she cheered when I succeeded, and made it just a little harder each time so I would see progress.

I started out with just doing the one on one sessions and eventually moved to doing the classes as well. My favourite classes are the bootcamp and Tabata. Funny, everyone cautioned me about Tabata, saying it was the hardest class, but it's the one I love the most! We are all different, and you need to find what you like. Pilar will take care of finding what you don't like, trust me - and she'll make you do it with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face, until you do it well enough to like it! I've gone from having to hold a wall when doing step ups, to carrying weights while doing them. I deadlift nearly six times what I could do before, and am bench pressing 75 pounds and feeling so strong! I met and surpassed all my goals, and set new ones. I still have weight to lose, but don't think I will ever get tired of loving the look and feel of having strength in my muscles. I love feeling capable again! I'm back to skiing, golfing, bicycle riding and hiking. The permanent damage is still there, but now I have other muscles that are strong enough to compensate for those that can't pull their own weight (literally). My trepidation has been replaced by anticipation, and I feel like I belong to a fantastic community of friends.

For someone who is looking to give True Conditioning a try, I would recommend the Kickstart package first. It allows you to work one on one with someone until you're feeling more confident and ready to try the classes. But don't miss out on taking the classes; you'll meet some terrific people and make new friends. There is no pretentiousness at TC; it's just really down-to-earth, cool people who are working on their own things, whether that be a marathon, a weightlifting competition, or simply working on being able to successfully complete one single pull up. We're cheering each other on, and sweating it out together.


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Vienna Wroblewska

I’ve been training at True Conditioning for over two years now and I absolutely love it! I started out with the group classes which allowed me to work at my own pace and explore a variety of exercises. Then I wanted to take it up a notch (or two) and asked Pilar to train with me a couple of times a week. Not only were those session fun, but also extremely effective. My body shape has changed (I actually have a waist and a butt now!) and I have learned how to work with all sorts of weights to develop strength. Pilar is an absolutely awesome trainer. She is super positive and encouraging and you can tell that she really wants you to succeed. Thanks Pilar and Sophie!