Nutrition Consultation -$85

If you’ve been training hard consistently, but maybe don’t yet see the expected results in the mirror, or perhaps you have trouble sustaining your energy in classes or throughout the day, a Nutrition Consultation is a great and inexpensive way to understand where you are at now, and decide on the best course of action to help achieve your goals.

This one-hour session will review your diet and suggest some key changes that you can make independently to maximize your health and fitness. We can also discuss your options for a longer term nutrition coaching plan, if you are interested. Nutrition Consultations are $85.

What to expect:

Preliminary nutrition consultation we’ll assess your current dietary habits, identify the areas where changes will bring the greatest benefit, address your obstacles to making change, and create a plan for you to follow over the next 5 weeks.


-Food journal revision

-Basic nutrition eduction and dietary recommendations

-Portion control for your body type