Strong & Lean

Women's 8 Week - Learn to Lift Program

New to Strength Training? Not sure where to start? Join True Conditioning's 8 week learn to lift program and gain confidence in the gym! In a comfortable, semi private setting, learn the fundamentals of weight training to increase your strength, build lean muscle and shed unwanted body fat.

Feel empowered and improve your confidence in and out of the gym by learning how to lift weights with proper form and technique to optimize your body composition an overall health.

During this 8 week program you will receive a weekly one hour personal training sessions with certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor Pilar Bradshaw. In addition to personalized training, you will receive a full fitness assessment and nutrition education, consisting of a personalized eating plan for your body type and activity level, a detailed food chart and tracking tools to monitor your progress and success.

You’ll also be automatically entered in our Summer Health and Wellness Challenge with the opportunity to win 1 of 2 great prize packages from lululemon, The Jar Stars, Living Café and Stand Up Paddle Steveston.  

Working together in a small group is an excellent way to support and encourage each other, stay accountable and most of all to have fun! So what are you waiting for? Set your goal today, and learn how to lift with confidence to feel stronger inside and out.

Space is limited. Please email to sign up and reserve your spot. 

Program Details:

  • Cost: $360 ($45/Week)
  •  Health and Wellness Challenge entry ($40 Value)
  •  Semi Private Group Setting (3-4 people/session)
  • Learn how to lift weights properly and safely
  • Learn how to lift for weight loss (reps, sets, intervals, tempo etc.)
  •  Accountability
  • Feel empowered and gain confidence!


  • Beginning in May 
  • Thursdays evenings from 7-8PM or Saturday Mornings from 10-11AM.