Group Fitness & Personal Trainers

Sophie Manfredi

Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach & TRX Qualified Group Fitness Instructor


Lululemon ambassador, sweat junkie, and novelty seeker, Sophie is continuously on the pursuit to live a regret free life. With a background in competitive sports, including swimming and varsity rowing, Sophie loves to push her limits by taking on new challenges.

Sophie was inspired to become a personal trainer after joining the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Contest – a competition to redefine the female athlete.  She declared to help ten women step outside their comfort zone in pursuit of a fitness goal, all while setting a personal goal of her own to train for her first half marathon, Tough Mudder and sprint triathlon. After documenting one of the most inspirational stories Sophie was selected as a Motivational Champion out of 14,000 women and was sent to Camp Sweat in Florida to train with nine other women at the IMG Academy.

Since returning from Camp Sweat, Sophie’s new found mission is to empower women through fitness and health. Sophie believes all women should feel comfortable and confident in their body, and hopes to inspire others to step outside their comfort zone, so they may uncover their true fitness potential. 


Pilar Bradshaw

Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach & TRX Qualified Group Fitness Instructor


Ryan Kitchen

Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Group Fitness Instructor

Since a young age, Pilar has been involved in sports and athletics, including soccer, field hockey and more recently, running marathons. But it wasn't until she started participating in bootcamp style group classes that she discovered her true passion and started taking her fitness to new levels. Pilar went back to school to become a CFES certified weight and personal trainer and loves helping others set and achieve their goals of living a balanced, healthy and fit lifestyle.

Pilar has continued adding to her education and experience, participating in Tough Mudder, becoming certified in training Tactical Athletes, Training For Warriors and has even completed the POPAT (Police Officer Physical Abilities Test). 

When Pilar is not studying or taking her enthusiastic participants through high intensity workouts, she spends her time with her energetic young boys who keep her on her toes and continuously show her how to enjoy life to the fullest! 

Lifelong Steveston resident Ryan grew up under a typical Canadian upbringing playing hockey in the winter and baseball in the summer throughout his youth. After starting his high school curling team at McRoberts Secondary School, Ryan led the 2007 provincial Championship team to victory. In 2008 at 18 years old, Ryan rejuvenated his athletic pursuits by learning the martial art of Brazilian jujitsu. Within a year, Ryan lost a total of 60 pounds and completely transformed his life and rejuvenated his self-confidence. After years of dedication and practice, Ryan won over a dozen individual tournament championships and competed at the 2011 Pan American Championships. Now a brown belt, Ryan is still an avid competitor at the expert level and currently coaches the kids and teens program at Premier Martial Arts.

As a Jujitsu coach, cardio kickboxing instructor and personal trainer, Ryan is committed to staying on top of the latest fitness and training techniques. Ryan loves to keep his client motivated by incorporating a sense of play and variety to every workout. But don’t be fooled by his nice guy appearance, Ryan is not afraid to push you out of your comfort zone. 


Eden Dearing

Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Qualified Group Fitness Instructor


Eden spent much of her youth playing soccer. She didn’t know much about training at the time,  only that she loved working hard in the gym and on the field.

She had a four year hiatus from regular training, referred to as “the lost years”, during which she earned a Bachelor of Commerce. Shortly thereafter, she rekindled her passion for fitness. She joined a Crossfit gym and soon narrowed her focus, joining a Barbell Club. A natural competitor, it wasn’t long before she competed in two Powerlifting meets in 2015. 

Having undergone quite the transformation, Eden’s desire to help other women through fitness led her to co-found Palaestra Athletics, an outdoor-based fitness service in the heart of Vancouver.

Natalia Rabin

Certified Booty Barre and Pilates Instructor 


As a mother, Pilates instructor and full time Logistic Manager,  Natalia understands first hand, the stress in balancing work, family, and her personal health and wellness. It was this struggle that inspired Natalia to try Pilates as a way to re-energize after her body and mind after long hours of sitting at work. After attending her first Pilates class, Natalia immediately loved the way it made her body feel, and how it improved her posture, balance, core strength, and joint health.

Natalia went on to complete her Pilates Training with Balanced Body University, in order to teach and share her passion of pilates and barre with the others. She strongly believes in the connection between physical flexibility and mental flexibility and for her, nothing helps to develop focus and endurance in business better than whole-body, balanced strength training. 

Natalia recently found TRX Training and discovered the similarities between Suspension Training and the Pilates Method. Just as Pilates helps to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body, TRX Training teaches the same principles of control, concentration, and precision. After experimenting with the two, Natalia is excited to bring both methods together in a new fusion TRX Pilates class. Along with Barre, Natalia's goal is to help each individual client develop and discover their true fitness potential by strengthening both the body and mind. She is equally excited share her passion with the True Conditioning community in order to help people discover what pilates can do for them.