Must-Visit Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants

Eating healthy while eating out is not always an easy task, especially when the average restaurant seems to have nothing but salads to choose from. With that said, Vancouver is still home to a handful of establishments that specialize in vegan and vegetarian cuisine with flair, proving that smarter dining choices don’t have to be boring. 

1) The Naam 

Courtesy of Amy ( Urbanspoon )

Courtesy of Amy (Urbanspoon)

This 24-hour joint was one of the first vegetarian restaurants to develop a following around town, and for good reason too. With an extensive menu of delicious vegetarian eats, the choices are endless. Boasting a 24/7 schedule also means that it’s the perfect (and much healthier) alternative to a late night trip to a fast-food chain. 

Address: 2724 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

2) Panz Veggie

Courtesy of VeggieMonkeyEats ( Urbanspoon )

Courtesy of VeggieMonkeyEats (Urbanspoon)

When people think Chinese food, images of greasy but delicious dishes are usually the first to come to mind. Fortunately, Panz Veggie is here to prove that Chinese food can be tasty but good for you as well. With a dedication to using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients, while still staying true to traditional cooking styles, this vegan and vegetarian establishment is a must-visit for fans of Asian cuisine.

Address: Moving to 3485 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC

3) Heirloom

Courtesy of Kirby ( Urbanspoon )

Courtesy of Kirby (Urbanspoon)

Heirloom is an award-winning vegetarian eatery that’s more than deserving of its praise. While it’s one of the more expensive restaurants on this list, the entire dining experience will be worth the price paid. 

Address: 1509 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

4) Bandidas Taqueria

Courtesy of Amy ( Urbanspoon )

Courtesy of Amy (Urbanspoon)

Any fan of Mexican food is in for a treat at Bandidas Taqueria. While the meat tacos are affordable and scrumptious, Bandidas’ vegetarian-friendly options are just as good, and leave nothing to be desired in the flavour department.

Address: 2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC

5) The Foundation

Courtesy of Sherman ( Urbanspoon )

Courtesy of Sherman (Urbanspoon)

What is The Foundation’s signature dish? One word: nachos. The bar-food classic may be this humble vegetarian restaurant’s claim to fame, but they’ve got plenty of other amazing menu items to choose from too.

Address: 2301 Main Street, Vancouver, BC


Written by Anna Zhao