TRX Exercise Series #5

Last week, we had a chance to introduce some TRX Rip Training exercises, but this week, we’re back to Suspension Training with four new moves. This week’s focus is on the lower body, as well as the strengthening of lateral movements throughout the core, hips and back. The following series of exercises will make for a good stretch, while serving as an effective lower-body workout too.

1)      Hip Drop:


The hip drop is both a great exercise for stretching out the body, as it is performed while the body is fully lengthened, as well as strengthening the core, hips, and back. Since this move involves the contraction of a range of core muscles, for example, the abdominals and obliques, as well as fully stretching out the back and hips, it is highly effective for strengthening the body’s lateral movements.

2)      Overhead Back Extension:


This back extensor exercise specifically targets the erector spinae muscles, which extends the length of the vertebral column and are utilized on a daily basis.

3)      Side Lunge:


The TRX side lunge is a move that is perfect for strengthening your inner thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. While one version is performed by simply stepping to the side in a lunge position while utilizing the suspension bands for both balance and positioning, increase the difficulty level by holding one leg off the ground using the suspension band, and bearing more weight on the opposite leg.

4)      Overhead Squat:


While you will certainly gain the same benefits from an overhead squat as you would a traditional one, you will also be able to provide your upper back and deltoids with a great workout along with your legs and glutes.

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Written By: Anna Zhao