TRX Exercise Series #6

This weekโ€™s TRX Exercise Series features a combination of suspension and rip trainer moves that will target a variety of muscle groups throughout the body. As with most (if not all) TRX exercises, every move performed will engage the core in some manner, therefore making for a more effective workout as you are not simply focusing in on one single muscle group.

1)      Rip Squat Press:


The squat press will have you holding the rip trainer bar in front of you, which requires a constant engagement of the core muscles on either side of your body, as you go into a squat (legs), and return to standing position and up into a press, raising the bar above your head as you extend your arms (this requires an even greater engagement of your core muscles, as well as your shoulders). Alternate between the right and left sides of your body to receive a complete workout.

2)      Hamstring Runner:


As the hamstring runner is performed with the hips raised and off of the floor, the core (including the glutes) must be kept tight throughout to ensure proper form. Other than your core and glutes, this exercise will also work out your hamstrings and lower back.

3)      Rip Pitchfork:


The rip pitchfork is the first of two exercises in this series that are specifically designed for rehabilitating, and keeping hockey players fit during the off-season.  The pitchfork is a move that will strengthen the core, improve the posture, and also functions as a means to flex the spine, which is a part of the body required for everyday movements, but is rarely stretched out.

4)      Rip Slap Shot:


The second of the two exercises modelled after actions performed in hockey is the rip slap shot, which will help develop an individualโ€™s rotational power. This is especially important for hockey players that are working to improve the speed and accuracy of their shots.

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Written By: Anna Zhao