TRX Exercise Series #4

In previous weeks, we’ve highlighted exercises that fall under the category of TRX Suspension Training, consisting of the use of the TRX suspension bands to increase the difficulty level and effectiveness of commonly performed workout moves. This week, we’re shifting the spotlight to the TRX Rip Trainer, which employs a resistance cord system that puts out an unbalanced load, so that exercises performed will mirror the natural rotational movements of the body in motion. The rip trainer is an especially effective system for athletes to stay in tip-top shape at all times, as many movements that occur in various sports can be replicated using the rip trainer. Wrapping up the introductions, let’s get into some rip training!

1)      Rip Squat Press with Jump:


Update your basic squat by performing it with a jump, while extending the arms from one side of the body, forward as you’re gripping the rip trainer bar. As you jump, the rip trainer will act as resistance on one side of your body, giving you an added core and shoulder/arm workout (as you’re rotating the torso) which would be absent in a traditional jump squat.  

2)      Rip Steer:


The rip steer is a great introductory move that increases both core and scapular stability (necessary for shoulder functions).

3)      Rip Overhead Axe Chop:


This move once again, provides for a core and upper body workout, while focusing in on strength and conditioning. The overhead axe chop is a progression from the rip steer, which you should try out first to adjust the body to the feeling of asymmetrical resistance.

4)      Rip Stand Up Paddle Row:


Mimicking the rowing motion that is performed in stand-up paddleboarding, the rip paddle row is an exercise that aims to improve stability, strength and endurance. By mobilizing and building up the foundational muscles that paddleboarders utilize, this is a great move for giving you a taste of the sport, off the water.

If you aren’t familiar with TRX, then come on over to True Conditioning to try out this progressive new workout system with personal instruction from Vancouver’s top ranking TRX instructors. See you all next week for a brand new set of TRX exercises!

Written By: Anna Zhao