TRX Exercise Series #1

In True Conditioning’s latest blog segment, we will be introducing a series of TRX exercises to you each week. While some of these exercises are upgrades to the basic workout moves that you may be familiar with (a crunch per say), others may be completely unique to the TRX system. Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s moves:

1)     Triceps Press:


A great basic exercise for the triceps, this move can be performed in varying difficulties. While placing one foot in front of the other (similar to lunge position) with your arms raised will make for a good beginner form, placing both feet back and standing on an incline will increase the level of difficulty. This incline will increase the amount of bodyweight that the arms must support, and in turn upping the difficulty of this move. Raising the arms higher slightly past the head and bringing them back down to meet the chin with each press will also increase the move’s intensity.

2)     Deltoid Fly (Y & T Versions):  


Both versions of the deltoid fly are performed from a similar stance of a backwards incline with one foot placed slightly behind the other for support. While the Y version requires the arms to be raised above the head in a Y formation once you come up, the T version calls for a more horizontal opening and extension of the arms. The Y fly targets the anterior and medial fibres of the deltoids, while the T fly targets the posterior fibres of the deltoids as well as the upper back.

3)    Crunch:


Performed in reverse to the crunch that we’re probably all used to, the TRX crunch is done from a push-up position, with both legs off the floor (supported by the TRX suspension band). It is much more effective than a traditional crunch as it calls for an increased mobilization of core muscles in order to maintain stability throughout the exercise.

4)     Incline Press:


The incline press involves the movement of the entire body, thus engaging every muscle group, with the main focus being on the upper-chest and shoulders. This is definitely the most challenging move of the four to perform.


If you aren’t familiar with TRX, then come on over to True Conditioning to try out this progressive new workout system with personal instruction from Vancouver’s top ranking TRX instructors. See you all next week for a brand new set of TRX exercises!


Written By: Anna Zhao