TRX Exercise Series #3

As promised, this weekโ€™s TRX Exercise Series will highlight two leg moves, as well as two arm-shoulder-chest strengthening moves. These are four great exercises to try out for an introduction to the TRX system, and can be customised to fit a variety of fitness levels as well.

1)      Row:


This move primarily targets the upper back, but also works to strengthen your shoulders, arms, and core. To perform the TRX row, grip the TRX straps, plant your feet together or shoulder width apart, and lean back while straightening your arms until there is tension in the straps. Lift your toes off the floor to increase the difficulty level of this move, and begin pulling your body up towards your hands. Leaning back more or less will also increase or decrease the difficulty of this move accordingly.

2)      Chest Press:


The TRX chest press is a highly effective move for strengthening the arms, abs, and chest. The positioning is similar to performing a push-up off the floor, with feet either together, shoulder width apart, or with one leg placed, bent, in front of the other (with a respective decrease in difficulty), leaning forward with arms gripping the TRX straps shoulder width apart. As if performing a push-up, slowly lower the body towards the hands, all the while feeling the engagement of the chest, arm, and abdominal muscles.

3)      Lunge:

lunge copy.jpg

As the TRX (step back) lunge is performed with one leg off the floor, supported by the TRX strap, this move will help you improve your balance and stability aside from just being an effective leg workout.

4)      Single Leg Squat:


To perform the TRX single leg squat, hold onto the TRX straps for support while lowering into a squat with one leg off the floor. When combined with the (step back) lunge, definitely expect a great quad and glute workout!

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Written By: Anna Zhao