TRX Exercise Series #2

Last week, we kicked off our TRX Exercise Series with 4 moves that varied in difficulty level, from the basic suspended crunch, to the physically demanding incline press. This week, we’re introducing 4 more moves that will guarantee for an all-immersive core work out.

1)      Pike:


Targeting various muscle groups, but primarily the abdominals and shoulders, the TRX (suspended) pike is a more advanced movement. In order to bring the body up into a pike position (upward), the abdominals must be engaged and the torso kept rigid throughout. This is a great move for both strength and stability training!

2)      Oblique Crunch: 


Targeting the obliques, with an added component of stability, the oblique crunch is much more effective than a traditional side crunch. Start in a suspended plank position and proceed to move the knees towards your elbows on either side, contracting the oblique muscles on the chosen side along the way. Swing the knees around towards your opposite elbow, and alternate.

3)      Side Plank with Rotation:


Although the (stationary) side plank itself targets the obliques, when a rotational movement is added to the basic form, the intensity and effectiveness of the move both increase. Complete the rotation by starting in a suspended side plank position, then circling the upright arm around under the supporting arm, holding, and returning to the original side plank position.

4)      Atomic Push-up:  


A combination of a suspended push-up and a crunch, the atomic push-up is a performance oriented movement that targets both the abdominals and upper body. In order to perform an atomic push-up, begin in plank position and go down into a push-up. When coming back up, proceed to come up into a crunch instead of the starting plank. This movement can be adjusted to include coming up into a pike position as well. Again, strength and stability are the focal points with this move.


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Written By: Anna Zhao